Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day Six Plus Some

Draft that never got posted....enjoy!!

Ahhh.  I'm back!  Sorry for the unannounced vacation.  School started and man the month of August and the month of September are both two of the worst months.  The other being May, the last month of school.

Anyway...I have you know that I haven't broken my dress/lipstick promises.  I have continued to look beautiful (lol I know I sound conceited).  I was so happy to get some brand new dresses from my friend Kelly H.  I'm not sure if she likes her name out there so hence the H.  She one day just knocks on my door and throws me three dresses!  I was like "Christmas!".  She had gone garage sailing and found them.  Just so you know, this girl (me) ain't proud.  Resale shops all the way!

I have another friend, Kelly S, who called me about how she found me some dresses as well.  (Seriously, if you only knew how many Kellys I know lol.)  She lives in Texas so I haven't gotten them yet but I sure can't wait!

 I can't remember if I told you or not but when I first started this I put a "I want dresses in size 14 or XL" ad on either freecycle or on one of the facebook sites.  I recieved the most amazingh response and she was so inspired by my project she sent me a dress that had been  hangin in her closet just waiting for her to wear it.  She said the dress was always meant for me.  Amazing, right?

One more amazing thing happened.  While at a meeting last week a friend brought a dress for me!  It's more of a fall, winter dress but I will rock it when I want to.